Off The Beaten Track #13

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Beer Owle Online

Beer Owle Front

If you haven’t checked out our review of Beer Owle’s bricks and mortar store, then go along and read that after reading this. But it’s good to see that Beer Owle also has an online component to the store as well. Open in August 2019, Beer Owle has a range of both local domestic craft beer from places such as …



ホップバズは2016年の4月にあけました。上前津駅から歩き10分内です。 ホップバズのインテリア 立ち飲みバーの雰囲気があります。 席はありますけど窓の前で5席ぐらいです。 チャージはありません。 店内は禁煙です。 ホップバズのビール 瓶ビールが多いです。 国内と国際のビールがあります。 値段は税金は含まれています。 テイスティングセット・ビールライトをありません。 ハッピーアワーもありません。 持ち帰りビールがあります。 ホップバズの料理 なし BeerTengokuの感想 いろいろな人と話ができる素敵な小さなお店です。 ホップバズの情報 営業時間:火曜日から日曜日17時から23時までです。 定休日:月曜日 ハッピーアワー:なし 電話番号:なし ホームページ: SNS:Facebook ホップバズに行き方

151L / Ichigo Ichie-ru

151L Shop

151L is an online store that specialises in selling both domestic and imported craft beer. It’s name is a pun on the phrase “ichigo ichie” which means “once in a lifetime” but here it refers to “ichigo ichie-ru”, which I guess is something along the lines of “one beer in a lifetime” implying that one beer you’re drinking now is …

Closed: Beers x Beers

Beers x Beers Logo

Beers x Beers is an online store that sells Japanese craft beer but with two catches. The beers aren’t sold individually – rather they are sold in sets from the breweries. While this isn’t good for people looking for individuals beers from a brewery, it does give you the chance to try some beers that are not easy to hunt down …

Ponshukan in Niigata station, Niigata

Ponshukan Niigata Front

Perhaps this is cheating with Ponshukan as it is a Niigata satellite store. Like our Shinshu Osake Mura review, I love the Niigata area and whenever I go snowboarding in Echigo Yuzawa, I will often, nay, ALWAYS pop into the Ponshukan there to pick up some sake and craft beer from the area. I was delighted on my last day in …

Shimizu Saketen in Hanacho, Niigata

Shimizu Saketen is a sake and craft beer shops located in the Hanacho district of Niigata city, just around the corner from Bandaibashi, one of the landmarks in the city. It seems to be the only store in the company name. Moreover, they no longer have an online store due to a lack of sales – a shame as their …