Aqula Schokoladen Bier by Aqula Beer

Aqula Schokoladen Bier

Aqula Schokoladen Bier is a 7.5% doppelbock from Aqula Beer, based in Akita, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition range of winter beers, though due to aging, it can be found on sale throughout the year – case in point, this bottle was bought at Liquors Hasegawa in July, not the coldest of months. Aqula Schokoladen Bier is brewed using …

Aqula Beer Information

Aqula Beer Logo

Aqula Beer, written as あくらビール in Japanese, is a craft beer brewery located in Akita city, in Akita prefecture, Tohoku. It opened in 1997 under the stewardship of a German brewer, whose name has been lost, though current head brewer Hasegawa-san, has been head brewer at Aqula since 2007. The original beers from Aqula Beer were based on German styles, …


Aqula Kiwa IPA by Aqula Beer

Aqula Kiwa IPA

Aqula Kiwa IPA is a 6% American IPA from Aqula Beer, based in Akita. This beer is part of their draft only lineup, and there hasn’t been any announcement for it to join the rest of their range in bottles. Unfortunately, Aqula Kiwa IPA doesn’t contain any kiwi fruit nor the flightless bird at all; however, it does contain two kinds …

Aqula Nme Neigaa Beer by Aqula

Aqula Nme Neigaa

How to be a cool beer by Aqula Nme Neigaa in three easy steps: Be a beer. Preferably one that is not a regular everyday beer; Be difficult to find those proving yourself to be desirable; Have your own superhero that goes around places convincing people to drink your beer. Three easy steps done. Aqula Nme Neigaa, also sold as Aqula …

Aqula Kawabata Lager by Aqula

Aqula Kawabata Lager

Aqula Kawabata Lager is a 5.0% pilsner from Aqula based on the German styles of pilsners. It is an award-winning beer and won the gold medal at the 2007 Asian Japan Beer Cup. Aqula Kawabata Lager is also bottle conditioned as well. Aqula Kawabata Lager Aroma and Taste A new beer is always welcome at BeerTengoku towers and Aqula Kawabata Lager was …


Aqula Sakura Kobo Wit あくらさくら酵母ウィート

あくらさくら酵母ウィートは5%のウィートです。あくらビールの限定な酵母のラインアップを一部です。あくらビールから「秋田県二ツ井町の桜樹から採取された酵母を秋田県総合食品研究所と秋田県麦酒醸造技術研究会が商品化した<桜天然酵母>使用のビール。」 あくらさくら酵母ウィートの目鼻舌 目:アンバーのブラウンの色です。泡は薄くて白です。 鼻:酵母の匂いは弱いですからさくらの香りはあまり嗅ぎません。スカンクの香りですからあまり好きじゃないです。 舌:苦い酵母の味をある。さくらをあれば、味しません。もしサングリアを飲んだら、あくらさくら酵母ウィートの味が好きと思う。オレンジ、パイナップル、レモンをある。 オンライン販売 あくらビールのオンラインショップ 秋田特産品

Aqula Namahage Bock by Aqula

Aqula Namahage Bock

Aqula Namahage Bock, better known as Aqula Q Bock. is a dunkler bock style beer from Akita, Japan. At the point of bottling, it is supposedly 7% though if left to condition in the bottle further, it may be higher. During the conditioning process, Aqula Namahage Bock is left to ripen further to produce bolder flavours. Aqula Namahage Bock Aroma and …