Kinshachi Black by Morita Kinshachi Brewery

Kinshachi Black

Kinshachi Black is a schwarzbier produced by Morita Kinshachi Brewery. We first came across it at World Gourmet in Yokohama during a tasting session a while back and picked up a couple of bottles for “testing” purposes. The trouble is, there is no mention of it on the Kinshachi Beer website so it’s unknown whether Kinshachi Black is a limited …


Kinshachi Imperial Stout by Morita Kinshachi Beer

Kinshachi Imperial Stout

Kinshachi Imperial Stout, also known as Kinshachi Imperial Chocolate Stout, is an 8.5% Russian Imperial Stout brewed for those cold winter months to snuggle up next too. There are two labels: the one below with the rather intimidating lady on the front (help me history readers!) and a special Valentine’s Day labelled one. It contains a lot of chocolate malt …

Mitsuboshi Beer Pilsner by Morita Kinshachi Brewery

Mitsuboshi Beer Pilsner

Mitsuboshi Beer Pilsner is a beer from the three star brand brewed by Morita Kinshachi Brewery and is brewed using only German hops and malt. Fermentation for Mitsuboshi Beer Pilsner occurs at lower than usual temperatures for a lager. In turn, this gives it a ripening period of one-and-a-half times the normal length for a pilsner. Mitsuboshi Beer Pilsner Aroma and Taste Mitsuboshi Beer …

Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon by Morita Kinshachi

Morita Kinshachi Lemon

Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon is a fruit beer that has the added inclusion of lemon to sharpen the taste. Made using local lemons, Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon has lemon juice added during the mash process. The image below is of the old packaging before the recent redesign. Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon Aroma and Taste. Thinking Kinshachi Fruits Draft Lemon would benefit from …


Mitsuboshi Beer Vienna by Morita Kinshachi Brewery

Mitsuboshi Beer Vienna

Mitsuboshi Beer Vienna is another beer from the three star brand by Morita Kinshachi Brewery. It is an amber beer crossed with a Vienna style beer from the 19th century. Mitsuboshi Beer Vienna is a 6% beer, so a little on the strong side compared to their other beers. Mitsuboshi Beer Vienna Aroma and Taste Mitsuboshi Beer Vienna had a light golden-amber colour …

Kinshachi Platinum Ale by Morita Kinshachi Brewery

Kinshachi Platinum Ale

Platinum. More expensive than gold. Rarer than gold. Bright and shiny. Therefore Kinshachi Platinum Ale must be worth its weight as a premium craft beer. Kinshachi Platinum Ale is another award-winning beer from Morita Kinshachi Brewery having won awards at the Japan Asia Beer Cup in 2010 and 2012, and also the International Beer Competition in 2011. If Morita keeps winning …



Mitsuboshi Pale Ale

三ツ星ビールペールエールは5%のイギリスのペールエールです。盛田金しゃちビールから「原料は全てペールエール発祥の地、英国産を使用。」 三ツ星ペールエールの目鼻舌 目:曇ったゴールデンな黄色です。写真で泡がデカイですがすぐ薄くになる。 鼻:モルトのキャラメルですが違うのペールエールはより強いです。じゃこうの匂いもある。 舌:一番強いはタフィですがレモン、オレンジもある。味はちょっと変ですからきれいな味ではない。 オンライン販売 金しゃちオンラインショップ 酒屋岡田屋

Kinshachi Nagoya Aka Miso Lager by Morita Kinshachi brewery

Nagoya Aka Miso Lager

Kinshachi’s Nagoya Aka Miso Lager is part of their standard range, and is their most-decorated beer in both the Japan Asia Beer Cup and International Beer Competition. What kind of beer is it though? Can a beer flavoured with miso paste be worthy of 7 awards to date? Only one way to find out! Nagoya Aka Miso Lager Aroma and …



Kinshachi blue label

盛田金しゃち青ラベルは5%のドイツのピルスナーです。盛田金しゃち青ラベルは盛田金しゃちのレギュラーラインアップの一部です。ドイツの伝統的なスタイルであるジャーマンスタイルピルスナーでつくられており。 盛田金しゃち青ラベルの目鼻舌 目:いつものピルスナーをみたいです。泡はすごく薄い、すぐ消える。ゴールデンな色です。 鼻:ノーベルなホップの香りですがモルトはあまり匂いません。 舌:ボディーは炭酸化も薄いです。辛口ですが強いタルトの味ある。 オンライン販売 金しゃちオンラインショップ イズミックワールド クラフトビールズ

Kinshachi Red Label by Morita Kinshachi Beer

Kinshachi Red Label

This beer reviewing lark. I’ve been at it for over a month now, and already some beers have cropped up that taste almost identical to previous brews. Case in point: Kinshachi Red Label by Morita Kinshachi Beer seems to be riding on the coat tails of Hitachino Amber Ale, albeit as a pale imitation of Kiuchi’s brew. Kinshachi Red Label …