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Kyoto ChaBeer Brewing Company

Kyoto ChaBeer Brewing Company is the brewery behind the Kyoto craft beer bar, Kyoto Beer Lab, with both of them being located in the same building in Kyoto, with the brewery obtaining its license in April 2018. Kyoto ChaBeer Brewing Company stands on the banks of the Takase River, which is lined with green groves, in a good location near Keihan Shichijo Station and within walking distance from JR Kyoto Station. It is a relatively quiet place for the center of Kyoto, with plenty of historical buildings in the area. Kyoto ChaBeer Brewing Company has its roots in the local tea industry, with “cha” being the Japanese word for “tea”, and the brewery uses tea from Wazuka TownKyoto Prefecture. This came about because the average age of tea farmers is increasing in Wazuka Town, which is beginning to see the problems with a shortage of growers. Therefore, in order to enliven the tea farmers and link them to the development of successors, the group “Chaen Honpo”, in which volunteer members such as local tea farmers and artists in Kyoto gather, was formed with Kyoto ChaBeer Brewing Company leading the effort.

Kyoto ChaBeer Brewing Company Lineup

The following are some of the beers we’ve had from Kyoto ChaBeer Brewing Company:

  • Kyoto Beer Lab Hop Damn – a 7% West Coast IPA but which hops went into making Kyoto Beer Lab Hop Damn but supposedly it’s some of the big C hops – think Centennial, Cascade, Citra, and Chinook amongst others.
  • Kyoto Beer Smoochies – a 7% export stout brewed using cherries, though where the cherries are from, and how they are used is unknown at the time of writing.
  • Kyoto Beer Wasabi Salt Gose – a 4.5% gose brewed using wasabi salt.

Kyoto ChaBeer Brewing Company Articles

The following are some of the articles we’ve had from Kyoto ChaBeer Brewing Company:

Kyoto ChaBeer Brewing Company Details

Address: 201-3 Juzenjicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, 600-8137

Phone: 075-352-6666


Brewery Store:

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

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