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Brewccoly is a craft beer microbrewery located in Akita city, in Akita, Japan. The brewery started operations in November 2018 after opening the taproom earlier on in the year in March 2018 and since then they’ve grown to be one of the largest brewpubs in the Akita area. The name stems (excuse the pun) from the owner, Tsutsui-san, making a portmanteau from the words “brewery” and his favourite food “broccoli”. Tsutsui-san used to work in architecture before becoming a brewer wanted to make things with his own hands and promptly found work in a local restaurant that sold craft beer. After visiting the craft breweries throughout the country, he accumulated knowledge and skills and realized his dream after about five years.

Brewccoly Lineup

The following are some of the beers from Brewccoly that we’ve had

  • Brewccoly Autumn Paddy – a 7% Belgian IPA that uses imported Belgian ale yeast.
  • Brewccoly Bottom Plower – a 6% Belgian ale that uses imported Belgian ale yeast and imported US hops.
  • Brewccoly Pale Ale – a 5% American pale ale that uses imported US hops.

Brewccoly Details

Address: 3-4-27 Nakadori Akita, Akita, Japan


Homepage (in Japanese):

Brewery Store: N/A

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

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Been drinking beer since longer than I can remember. You can find me in a bar, on the slopes, or doing DIY. I enjoy porters, imperial porters, golden ales, and amber / viennas.

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