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The whole of Japan has turned into a muggy swamp. Despite this, people still want to drink outside. We oblige.

Rob’s mind is addled by pain meds. Joe flagellates himself. Someone attempts an Australian accent.

Stories Discussed

Yona Yona Beer Garden

Baeren doubles their capacity

Devilcraft and Jameson collaboration

Japanese winners in the Australian International Beer Awards

Beers Drunk This Episode

Joe was enjoying an old favourite (Aooni) and Rob was drinking a Sankt Gallen Pale Ale.

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About the Author

Joe Robson

Pompous elitist and professional space beast Joe lives down by the beach in Shonan. He listens to podcasts almost constantly. He's listening to one now. He bought an Arduino but doesn't know what to do with it. He recently ate a cricket and would do it again. Never give him a Belgian beer. He'll die.

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