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Oze No Yukidoke Beer

Oze No Yukidoke BeerOze No Yukidoke Beer is a Japanese craft beer brewery located in Gunma, Japan. The brewer opened up in March 1997, soon after the deregulation of the market, and like many other breweries at the time, Oze No Yukidoke Beer has its roots in the sake business with the parent company, Ryujin Shuzo, being a sake distillery. Ryujin Shuzo has been in existence since the 13th century and could possible be one of Japan’s oldest running sake distilleries still in production.

Oze No Yukidoke Beer Lineup

The following beers are part of the all-year round lineup

  • Ozeno Yukidoke Brown Weizen – a 5% dunkelweizen that is brewed using German ingredients
  • Ozeno Yukidoke White Weizen – a 5% hefeweizen that is brewed using German ingredients.
  • Ozeno Yukidoke IPA – a 5% English IPA brewed with 5 times the usual amount of hops.

Oze No Yukidoke Beer Details:

Address: 7-13 Nishihon-machi, Tatebayashi-shi, Gunma, Japan 374-0065

Phone: 0276-72-3711

Homepage: http://www.ryujin.jp/

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