Hideji Tsuki no Dark Lager by Hideji Beer Brewery

Hideji Tsuki no Dark Lager

Hideji Tsuki no Dark Lager is a 4.5% dark lager, or dunkel, from Hideji Beer Brewery, based in Nobeoka, Japan.  It used to be called Musasabi Bohemian Garnet Lager though in around 2013, it had a name change. Hideji Tsuki no Dark Lager is part of the all-year round range and can be found in both bottles and also on tap as well. For those wondering about its heritage, it has won both silver and bronze in the Japan Asia Beer Cup back in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

Hideji Tsuki no Dark Lager

It’s been a dark month with this beer waiting in the darkness.

Hideji Tsuki no Dark Lager Aroma and Taste

Hideji Tsuki no Dark Lager poured out a pitch black colour with a surprisingly light tan head on top – I was expecting something much darker than this. It had a smooth malty aroma of caramel and some hints of dried fruits in the back end. There was also some hints of roasted barley too but nothing approaching chocolate or coffee for those worried about those flavours. Hideji Tsuki no Dark Lager also had some faints hints of smokiness towards the end.

The initial taste from Hideji Tsuki no Dark Lager was one of roasted caramel before segueing into hints of brown sugar – and that was when the beer was chilled down. Those flavours were much bolder when it had warmed up and felt a tad cloying towards the end of drinking. The body was nice and crips; however, I just couldn’t shake the sweetness off, even in the aftertaste, the sweet caramel malts laid a residual on the palate that was just too hard to remove.

Hideji Tsuki no Dark Lager The Bottom Line

Hideji Tsuki no Dark Lager was at the sweet end of the dunkel range for me – not something I would buy again really.

Where to Buy Hideji Tsuki no Dark Lager

Hideji Tsuki no Dark Lager can be bought online at the following places:

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