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Ishikawa Brewery

Ishikawa Brewery

Ishikawa Brewery, makers of the Tama no Megumi range of craft beer, is a brewery / sake distillery located in Fussa city, west Tokyo. The current range of Tama no Megumi beers were first brewed back in 1998, but the brewery first started making German style beers back in 1887 under the guise of Nihon Bakushu, or Japan Beer. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long and closed down soon after in 1890. The Tama no Megumi range of beer uses North American malt and European hops to make generally European style beers though they are considered to be lighter than traditional styles as to be more suited to the Japanese palate.

Ishikawa Brewery Tama no Megumi Main Lineup

The following beers can be bought all year round:

  • Tama no Megumi Bottle Conditioned – a 5.5% American pale ale that undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle. Can supposedly be kept in a good condition for up to five years.
  • Tama no Megumi Pale Ale – a 5% American pale ale that is not bottle conditioned like the Bottle Conditioned version.
  • Tama no Megumi Munchener Dark – a 5% dunkel style beer based on a traditional German recipe.
  • Tama no Megumi Pilsner – a 5% pilsner based on a traditional German recipe.
  • Tama no Megumi Japan Beer – a 5% remake of the original Japan Beer from 1887.
  • Ishikawa Tokyo Blues – a 5% American pale ale that was first sold in 2015.

Ishikawa Brewery Tama no Megumi Seasonal Lineup

The following beers are all seasonal beers from Ishikawa Brewery:

  • Tama no Megumi Helles – a 5% helles style beer that is released in spring.
  • Tama no Megumi Blueberry Ale – a 4.5% fruit beer made from locally sourced blueberries that is released in winter.
  • Tama no Megumi Belgian Wit – a 5% Belgian witbier that is usually released in autumn.
  • Tama no Megumi Marzen – a 5% marzen style beer, popular around Oktoberfest, that is usually released in autumn.
  • Tama no Megumi Weizen – a 5% hefeweizen beer that is released in spring.

Ishikawa Brewery Details

Address: 1 Kumagawa, Fussa City, Tokyo 197-8623, Japan

Phone: 042-553-0100

Homepage (in Japanese):

Homepage (in English):

Social Network: Twitter / Facebook

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