Oh! La! Ho Beer Pale Ale by Oh! La! Ho Beer

Oh! La! Ho Beer Pale Ale

Oh! La! Ho Beer Pale Ale is an American pale ale brewed by Oh! La! Ho Beer in Nagano. The main premise behind the beer is that it is a fragrant beer where the hops are accentuated to be at the forefront. Oh! La! Ho Beer Pale Ale is an award-winning beer having won various bronze and silver awards in its time.

Oh! La! Ho Beer Pale Ale

Let’s celebrate and shout out random words with Oh! La! Ho Beer.

Oh! La! Ho Beer Pale Ale Aroma and Taste

Oh! La! Ho Beer Pale Ale poured out surprisingly well, with a copper brown body that was almost the same colour as the can. The head was thick, frothy, and a dull white colour that lasted for quite a while in the glass. It also had a good hoppy nose to it along with a tropical bouquet of grapefruit and lemons.

It is a good beer to sip on as the flavours in Oh! La! Ho Beer Pale Ale are well balanced. The sweet malts mixed well with the hoppy tones that were not too pronounced to ensure this didn’t become an IPA. It got close at times, like border line one foot in IPA territory, one foot in a pale ale; however, Oh! La! Ho Beer Pale Ale manages to remain a pale ale. And all the better for it. It has a bitter / sour finish to it that isn’t potent and will leave you refreshed.

Oh! La! Ho Beer Pale Ale One Line Review

Oh! La! Ho Beer Pale Ale is, at times, trying too hard to do something it does well. It is a solid pale ale that is on the verge of being an IPA.

Where to Buy Oh! La! Ho Beer Pale Ale

I picked this up in Le Collier in Tokyo station and have been unable to find it elsewhere in Japan, besides at the Oh! La! Ho Brewery and their online shop selling 10 packs of it here.

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