Niigata Ale de Blue Berry by Niigata Beer

Ale de Blue Berry, or sometimes called Blueberry Beer, is a fruit beer brewed by Niigata Beer. It is sold as a fruit beer under the happo-shu umbrella of craft beers as it contains over 25% of adjuncts, in this case, a large amount of blueberries and spices. It is a 100% bottle conditioned ale.

Ale de Blue Berry

Butchering two languages at once. Imagine saying Ale de Blue Berry in a south London accent.

Ale de Blue Berry Aroma and Taste

Ale de Blue Berry poured out with very little life to it. There was a white ring around the edge of the glass but not much in terms of head, but the body of it did have a slight reddish tinge to the predominant tan colour. The aroma wasn’t that strong either but at least did smell like blueberries albeit a heavily watered down version of blueberries. The best analogy I could use is that it tasted like blueberry wine.

The body of Ale de Blue Berry was tart which was to be expected from the addition of blueberries really. There was a slight star anise taste to it but the blueberries really were the dominant flavour running through this beer. An astringent aftertaste finished off the taste and I was left wondering if you’ve drunk a beer or a wine.

Ale de Blue Berry One Line Review

Ale de Blue Berry is a inoffensive beer that you’ll quickly forget about.

Where to Buy Ale de Blue Berry

We got out bottle of Ale de Blue Berry as part of a 12-pack special from Kishimoto. We haven’t seen it on sale anywhere else. Niigata Beer’s online shop has closed down at the time of writing.

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