Baird West Coast Wheat Wine by Baird Beer

Baird West Coast Wheat Wine

Wheat wine is based on the British barley wine recipe and was created on the West Coast of the US in the 1980s. Baird West Coast Wheat Wine is a seasonal beer released on November 1, 2014.

Baird West Coast Wheat Wine Aroma and Taste

Baird West Coast Wheat Wine pours with no head and barely a nose, with just the faintest hint of malt. For a 9% “wine” this isn’t really pulling its weight. The taste is sweet, of licquorice, brown sugar and malt. It reminded me of my first attempt at homebrewing, in which I produced 30 litres of sweet flat brown water which was so intolerable that I forbade anybody from drinking it and instead bore that terrible burden myself. What a martyr I am.

There’s very little aftertaste here but it did permeate after a while. I looked at the label. It definitely says “wheat” yet I couldn’t detect any notes of it at all. That, coupled with the flashbacks I was having of past brewing disasters, and an unpleasant happoshu-esque drunken feeling- almost like they’ve artificially bumped up the alcohol content- led me to the sneaking suspicion that I may have opened a bad bottle.

Baird West Coast Wheat Wine One line Review

I know Baird likes its subtlety but this is ridiculous. Baird West Coast Wheat Wine feels half-baked. Come on, Baird. Pull out the stops a little. It’s ok to break character once in a while.

Where to Buy Baird West Coast Wheat Wine

Baird West Coast Wheat Wine can be bought online direct from the brewery at:

Other retail stores include

Baird West Coast Wheat Wine Post Script

Oh, the wheat just showed up now. I think Baird may have invented the after-aftertaste. Now that’s subtle.

Baird West Coast Wheat Wine Second Opinion by Rob

After reading this review of Baird West Coast Wheat Wine I knew I had to try it. And I generally agree with Joe on this one. It smelt like a brandy aged barrel beer with a large nose of caramel and liquorice imparted with alcohol. The body was barely carbonated and  had a slight maltiness to it with a large amount of sweetness too. There was some wheat to the aftertaste but not as much as I expect from a Baird Beer which are usually bursting with flavour.

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