Nide Lager by Baird Brewing

Nide lager

Nide Lager is a collaborative beer brewed by Baird Beer and sold under a separate company called Nide, which also owns the Good Beer Faucets chain of bars. Nide Lager used to be bottled by Baird Beer but is now only found on sale at Good Beer Faucets in Shibuya and also in Fukuoka.

Nide lager

Slight frothiness due to a new glass.

Nide Lager Aroma and Taste

Nide Lager pours out a hazy golden brown colour with a frothy head, but that is more than likely due to the new glass. The smell reminds me of wheat and hops, but the buttery tinge to it was unusual; however, the sweet honey smell paired well.

The taste, being a lager, was quite subtle with a sweetness to it that came from the honey notes in the smell. A tinge of citrus made the beer stand out, as did the hoppy bitter aftertaste. As it’s a lager, it was also crisp and refreshing too.

Nide Lager One-line review

Nide Lager is an average lager that does what it says on the bottle that’s worth trying if you can get it on the cheap.

Where to buy Nide Lager

Nide Lager can only be found at Good Beer Faucets in Shibuya or in Hakata, Fukuoka both stock it..

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