Y Market Brewing Interview

Y Market Brewing Front

Travelling into Nagoya is perhaps one of my favourite trips. Everything you want to access is immediately around you – no changing of trains to get from the station into the city centre (Shin-Yokohama), no walking around to get away from the ominous building (Kyoto), and no buses needed to get to the actual city (Kanazawa!). And with Nagoya, it’s …

Yo-Ho Brewing Interview

Yo-Ho Brewing Front ・ヤッホーブルーイングインタビュー

Yo-Ho Brewing are one of Japan’s biggest craft beer makers and in 2019, they have become central to the debate about what craft beer is. In the USA, there are very clear, but loose, definitions as to what makes a craft beer brewer. The UK is looser still, with some unique ideas about how the beer is served. However, in …

Far Yeast Brewing Company Interview

Far Yeast Brewing Front・ファーイーストブルーイングフロント

What comes first – the brewery or the beer? In this day and age, with contract breweries making beer for others, and phantom breweries popping up at different breweries to make a beer before going elsewhere, it’s not a straightforward question. Moreover, if you’ve dealt with any Japanese official then you’ll have been met with bureaucracy galore. Far Yeast Brewing …


Kyoto Brewing Company Interview

Kyoto Brewing Company Front・京都醸造フロント

Kyoto is more famous for its temples, shrines, and of course geisha than for craft beer. Kyoto has a handful of craft beer breweries, with the majority of them taking the once-typical route of being a side-company to a sake brewery. However, Kyoto Brewing Company have taken a vastly different route – one we haven’t seen before at BeerTengoku. An …

Sankt Gallen Interview

Sankt Gallen Front・サンクトガレン フロント

If you’ve been to a Japanese beer festival at all in the last 20 years, then you’ve more than likely seen Sankt Gallen there. That person serving the beer, who could pass for a Japanese rockstar, is the brewer and owner of Sankt Gallen, Iwamoto-san. You’ve also probably met Nakagawa-san, more commonly known as Miki, the hard-working person behind Sankt …


Ebina Beer Interview

Ebina Beer Interview Front

Tomas Rehak spent 20 years as part of the well – oiled machine of the Prague orchestra. Now he and his partner Fumika are making a name for themselves as Ebina Beer. Tomas Rehak is a man who respects hard work. He tells us of the trouble he had finding someone reliable to construct his brewery in Ebina, Kanagawa. He …


TDM 1874 Interview with George Juniper

TDM1874 1

Located in the small commuter town of Tokaichiba in West Yokohama, TDM1874 has been brewing for just over a year (when this article comes out) and has already seen interest growing in both its beer and its head brewer, George Juniper. Sales of their beers, which started in their own brewpub, have spread across Japan and can now be found …

Interview with Brewery Songbird

Brewery Songbird 1 ブルワリーソングバード 1

If we were to give out awards for the nicest people in brewing in Japan, then husband and wife team Kyohei and Monami Nakajima of Songbird Brewery would be contenders for the gold prize. BeerTengoku was thirty minutes late for a three o’clock interview due to some confusion with the express bus out from Tokyo and a thirty minute walk …

Kazekami Brewery Interview

Tanoue-san with Kazekami Brewery

A small red shuttered lot in an nondescript apartment building is not usually where you would expect to find a brewery. However, lying in a busy suburb between Hiyoshi station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line to Yokohama and Shin-Kawasaki on the JR Yokosuka Line, is Kazekami Shuzo (Brewery). In operation since 2015, the brewery is the result of the efforts …


An Interview With DevilCraft

Devilcraft Brewery

If you live in the Kanto area, the three branches of Devilcraft – the first in Kanda and the second in Hamamatsucho with the third in Gotanda having opened in June – should be on your go-to list for craft beer and pizza. Even for those outside of Kanto, a visit to Tokyo often ends up going to Devilcraft. It’s safe to …