BeerTengoku Podcast S3E4: Podcast Outlaws


Joe’s been off the booze this week, but fortunately Rob’s been drinking enough to send a medium-sized family of chimps on a dream holiday to Tenerife. A quickfire bombardment of questions ensues!

We talk about bars in Kamakura and Nagoya, why there are no damn beer flights in bars in Japan, and then take a quick stab at explaining why beer festivals are bad.

(Apologies for the audio quality on this one! Joe is pretty quiet but luckily Rob did most of the talking. Anyway, I’m working on it!)

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Joe Robson

Pompous elitist and professional space beast Joe lives down by the beach in Shonan. He listens to podcasts almost constantly. He's listening to one now. He bought an Arduino but doesn't know what to do with it. He recently ate a cricket and would do it again. Never give him a Belgian beer. He'll die.

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