BeerTengoku Podcast S3E3: Dank Nuggggzz

What a thrill! In this delightful dialectic you’ve deigned to download, we play the famous Victorian parlour game “Guess the Beer Label”, talk about bad bad beers, and in Clickbait Corner we try and desperately figure out if there is any possible way that macro beer isn’t evil.

Well? This podcast isn’t going to play itself, you know! (Unless you’ve got autoplay on. In which case, why are you reading the description and listening to the podcast at the same time? Everyone knows that’s for nerds.)

Google Image Search for “Aomori Black Beer”

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Joe Robson

Pompous elitist and professional space beast Joe lives down by the beach in Shonan. He listens to podcasts almost constantly. He's listening to one now. He bought an Arduino but doesn't know what to do with it. He recently ate a cricket and would do it again. Never give him a Belgian beer. He'll die.

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