BeerTengoku Podcast S3E1: Contrarians

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Is it that time of year again? Yes! Thank you, Captain Rhetorical Question. We’re back at it, whatever “it” is.

In this podcast we chat about the direction we’ll be taking the podcast (ooh meta), coolships (which reminds me, go and play Return of the Obra Dinn), Rob buying colossal amounts of Baird Beer, and the latest round of “Which bars have announced their financial ruin via a Facebook post” (aka Reason #9857235 why Facebook is an endless misery hole). We also introduce an annoying new segment that’s guaranteed to get your greasy little typing fingers all worked up.

(I did all the music myself this time, please be nice)

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BeerTengoku Writer

Who is the BeerTengoku Writer? No-one seems to know. No-one has seen or heard of them when the Writer has been out. All we know is that they like beers, chips, and dogs.

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