BeerTengoku Podcast S2E4: 2014 Retrospective

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Four years? FOUR years? four YEARS?! FOUR YEARS?!

Yes. From our humble beginnings of sitting on our sofas writing about beer we bought in the combini, we’ve come so far… here we are… erm… never mind.

In this podcast we look back on the first year of BeerTengoku. We discuss which beers we have (and haven’t) drunk since reviewing, bars that have since closed down, and how casting a critical eye over what we drink affects how we drink it.

Joe catastrophically injures himself. Rob has a biological quandary.

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Who is the BeerTengoku Writer? No-one seems to know. No-one has seen or heard of them when the Writer has been out. All we know is that they like beers, chips, and dogs.

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