BeerTengoku Podcast S2E3: Am I A Diva?

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Well, am I, Sharon? Craft beer gets expensive when you put truffle oil in it. It also gets expensive when you have it in a bar in Golden Gai. Never fear, Asahi is here with a cheap can of piss they call Craft.

Rob humblebrags. Joe goes on multiple sweary rambles. Let us know if you want Rob to grow a beard.

Stories Discussed

Golden Gai’s first craft beer bar

First can from Asahi’s “craft beer brewery” Sumidagawa Brewing released

100% organic anti-ageing beer

Tap Marche to sell other breweries’ beers besides Kirin

Beers Drunk This Episode

For once we had beers that we haven’t had on the website! Joe had some Asahi Sumidagawa Brewing Golden Ale (see story) and Rob was having some Modern Times Orderville.

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