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Two Dogs Taproom in Roppongi, Tokyo

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Two Dogs Taproom One Paragraph Review

If it weren’t for the smoking, Two Dogs Taproom would come highly recommended but seeing as the whole bar is smoking it gets marked down to a recommended if you can handle the smoke or can go when no one is smoking. The range of beers is solid and the happy hour from 5pm to 7pm makes it much cheaper, especially as tax is included in all prices and there isn’t a table charge. There is also a great drink-as-much-as-you-want deal as well for two hours. The menus are both in English and in Japanese and the staff all speak English too. There is also free WiFi but I had to ask the bar staff for details of the connection.

Two Dogs Taproom Front

Was much lighter and cooler when the curtains were opened.

Two Dogs Taproom Full Review

Who remembers Gas Panic in Roppongi? Not the new one, the old one that changed into Two Dogs Taproom in November 2013? Well it’s changed for the better it seems. Two Dogs Taproom took over the old building, did some renovation and decoration, and has been one of the major bars in the area for craft beer since. It’s strange how Roppongi has so few craft beer bars considering the area, and as a result, Two Dogs Taproom is often packed throughout the evening.

The bar is located just off the main road of at Roppongi 5-chome and has two floors – the main floor is where the bar is with seating for about 12 people at the bar, and tables dotted around the bar. The third floor is the main part room that can be booked out and also where the kitchen is. It’s a nice light and breezy place with a chilled out atmosphere. However, the whole bar is smoking – a shame as with two floors, it would have been nice to have the third floor as a smoking floor and the second as non-smoking. There is no table charge for either sitting at the bar or elsewhere – a welcome addition to drinking.

Two Dogs Taproom Menu
Plenty of choice here so you're bound to find something you like.
Two Dogs Taproom Happy Hour
An excuse to drink more for cheaper prices?
Two Dogs Taproom Beer 1
Two Dogs Pale Ale
Two Dogs Taproom Beer 2 Kobushi Hana IPA
Kobushi Hana IPA Review here: http://wp.me/p4QKaz-DC
Two Dogs Taproom Beer 3 Shiga Kogen IPA
Shiga Kogen IPA: Review here: http://wp.me/p4QKaz-ek

There are 20 taps of craft beer at Two Dogs Taproom, with plans to increase that to 30. At the time of writing, the split between domestic craft beer and imported is 50/50. Beers come in three sizes: small at 200ml for ¥500 to ¥800 , medium at 360ml for ¥700 to ¥1,050, and US pint at 473ml for ¥850 to ¥1,200. There is also a beer flight option of four small beers for ¥2,000. If you’re free and can get to Two Dogs Taproom for 5pm to 7pm, then all beers are discounted, with US pints costing the same as medium size beers, and medium sized beers costing the same price as small beers. Small beers do not get discounted in price though. There is also a very good nomihodai plan for two hours at ¥3,600 of any beer on the menu. All prices include tax though. Make sure you check out their homepage for the latest listings of the beers on tap.

Two Dogs Taproom Food 1
Some snacks..
Two Dogs Taproom Food 2
... and pizza!
Two Dogs Taproom Food 3 Pizza
1500 for a 28cm pizza? Don't mind if I do.

There is plenty to eat at Two Dogs Taproom if you don’t mind smokers blowing into your food – a small gripe I know but we feel it’s worth stating. There are plenty of sides, such as our favourite food – chips, among other small snacks. However, if you’re feeling hungry like I was, then go for the pizza. Two Dogs Taproom take pride in their wood-fired pizza oven that can cook thin style pizzas in 190 seconds. The medium is 28cm while the large is 40cm – though the medium was enough for me.

Two Dogs Taproom Details

Open: Lunch Monday to Friday Lunch 11:30 ~ 15:00 Evenings Sunday and Monday 17:00 ~ 23:30 Tuesday to Saturday 17:00 ~ 03:00

Happy hour: Yes. 5pm to 7pm. US pints charged at medium prices. Medium beers charged at small prices. Also have a two-hour nomihodai plan of all beers for ¥3,600

Phone: 03-5413-0333

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.twodogs-tokyo.com/

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Two Dogs Taproom

The closest station to Two Dogs Taproom is Roppongi station on the Hibiya and Oedo Metro Lines and it’s about a three-minute walk. Take exit number five and walk down Route 319 towards Roppongi 5-chome. Turn left just after Don Quixote and the bar is on your right.

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1 comment

Mark Edwards August 8, 2016 - 5:48 pm

Good review. Very accurate.
I have to say though, with the high ceilings and massive air cleaning system, I never smell smoke.
So mentioning smoking 8 times might be a bit of an exaggeration (see what I did there?).

But Kudos for the Craft Beer bars of Tokyo.


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