Kannai Walking Guide

Kannai Walking Guide

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TDM1874 Brewery in Tokaichiba, Yokohama

TDM1874 Brewery Front

TDM1874 Brewery The Bottom Line If you’re in the area then get down to TDM1874. The beers are well priced, tasty, and served well and all the prices include tax on the menu. The whole place is non-smoking and if you’re lucky, you might even get the chance to meet George, the British brewer, when he is serving. There is also …

Hitsuji in Noge, Yokohama

Hitsuji Front

Hitsuji The Bottom Line Hitsuji had so much going for it – nice setting and a great atmosphere but with the table charge and the additional tax that are added on at the end left a bitter taste in my mouth. From having a reasonable price for a beer to then ¥1,326 just to have a single beer means I won’t …

McGuffin in Bashamichi, Yokohama

McGuffin Front

McGuffin The Bottom Line We’re never negative at BeerTengoku without a reason but with McGuffin it’s impossible to be anything but negative about the place. Three times I’ve tried to get in: 1) The bar was closed even though people were drinking insider; 2) the bar had run out of draft beer; and 3) I finally realised that it was a …

Jingle Beer & Dining in Yokohama, Kanagawa

Jingle Beer & Dining Front

Jingle Beer & Dining The Bottom Line While I wanted to like Jingle Beer & Dining, the fact that it is fully smoking and a table charge of ¥432 per person means it’s an overall thumbs down for this place. While the beer list is to be commended as there were some different beers on there, what was supposed to be a …

Thrashzone Meatballs in Kannai, Yokohama

Thrashzone Meatballs

Thrashzone Meatballs One Paragraph Review If you’re looking for more of Thrashzone in Yokohama, then having Thrashzone Meatballs here will sort you out perfectly. It doesn’t offer much compared to the other bars in the area besides heavy metal music and some high ABV beers. With no table charge and taxes included in the price, along with cash on delivery, then …

Noge West End in Noge, Yokohama

Noge West End Front

Noge West End The Bottom Line Noge West End is El Nubichinom what should have turned out like. The former is a nice little sitting bar, with some good, well-conditioned beers on tap at reasonable prices, in a very chilled out old Japanese izakaya shop. It’s worth a visit if you’re in the area for some of rarer beers we’ve …

Apollo Company in Sakuragicho, Yokohama

Apollo Company Front

Apollo Company One Paragraph Review I wanted to like Apollo Company very much – it had a nice relaxed atmosphere and tasty food, but the beer sizes are too small for the price and there was way too much head on the beer too. The bar is also fully smoking so give up trying to enjoy the food and beers as well. …

Craftsman Yokohama in Yokohama, Kanagawa

Craftsman Yokohama

Craftsman Yokohama One Paragraph Craftsman Yokohama is a welcome addition to the craft beer scene in Yokohama, but the only thing it offers over other bars is cheapish draft beers in an almost central location to Yokohama. None of the prices include tax but thankfully there is no table charge at the end of the evening. However, the bottled beers are …

Cafe and Bar Synchronicity in Kannai, Yokohama

Cafe and Bar Synchronicity

Cafe and Bar Synchronicity One Paragraph Review Cafe and Bar Synchronicity doesn’t offer anything new in the craft beer front and as such, it’s hard to recommend this place; however, it does have a good range of different beers that will appeal to everyone. The prices are a tad on the expensive side, considering there are cheaper places in the area, but …