Bakushu Club Popeye in Ryogoku, Tokyo

Bakushu Club Popeye Front

Bakushu Club Popeye The Bottom Line If you’re looking for the most variety of beer in a bar then with Bakushu Club Popeye it’s the one and only place that you should look at, with its 70+ taps of craft beer. It’s a must go place at least once; however, with the years gone by, Bakushu Club Popeye is no longer the …

Bakushuan Otsuka in Otsuka, Tokyo

Bakushuan Otsuka Front

Bakushuan Otsuka The Bottom Line Bakushuan Otsuka may have a cosy, at-home atmosphere that is relaxing but the high prices, along with the table charge meant that what could be the saviour of craft beer in a quiet area of Tokyo has left itself wanting. The prices are towards the higher end in Tokyo, the 400yen table charge, and the …


Draft Craft in Futakotamagawa, Tokyo

Draft Craft Front

Draft Craft The Bottom Line Draft Craft is one of the places where it’s hard to find the good in it – it’s expensive, tax is not included, has smoking throughout, has loud music – but at least there is no table charge and there is a semi-decent range of beer on tap. However, those last two points can’t save Draft Craft …