Spring Valley Brewery in Daikanyama, Tokyo

Spring Valley Brewery Exterior

The opening of new breweries and bars is becoming so frequent nowadays that when Spring Valley Brewery opened up in Daikanyama on 17th April, the target audience was neither surprised or shocked about it casual dating norge. Even with the backing of beer behemoth Kirin behind it, Spring Valley Brewery has no chance of failing as it could just be a side …

Craft Beer Bar Ant ‘n Bee in Roppongi

Craft Beer Bar Ant 'n Bee

Roppongi. I know what you are thinking. Yes, everyone has heard about the sleazy side of Roppongi with the guys on the corner trying to harass you into visiting their bar for some ladies and then paying a fortune but Craft Beer Bar Ant ‘n Bee stands heads and shoulders above the crowd, even though it is on the same road as …


Craft Beer Market in Toranomon, Tokyo

craft beer market toranomon 1

Craft Beer Market is a chain of craft beer bars that are making big inroads across Tokyo since 2011. With five bars at the time of writing, Craft Beer Market provides a great range of Japanese craft beers at a decent, i.e. stupidly cheap, prices that are only rivalled by Craft Beer iBrew in Yurakucho. Craft Beer Market Toranomon is located smack in …


TY Harbor Brewery in Tennozu Isle, Shinagawa

TY Harbor Outside

  TY Harbor Brewery The Bottom Line TY Harbor Brewery comes across as a fancy place that just doesn’t seem to have the philosophy of craft beer in the way it does business. It’s a place with large, grandiose goals but the prices for beer and food left me feeling cold when I knew it was cheaper elsewhere. TY Harbor Brewery The …

DevilCraft Hamamatsucho in Tokyo

Devilcraft Hamamatsucho Front

DevilCraft Hamamatsucho One Paragraph Review DevilCraft Hamamatsucho is well-worth a visit for some Japanese craft beer and pizza; however, come between the happy hours if you want to save some cash. For those worried about the language barriers, the menus are written in both English and Japanese and the majority of the staff speak English and Japanese too. and if you …


Craft Beer Bar iBrew in Yurakucho/Ginza, Tokyo

Craft Beer Bar iBrew

What is a dive bar? I had never heard of one before this place as growing up in the U.K. meant that I was well-protected, aka ignorant, from American idiosyncrasies and their associations. Craft Beer Bar iBrew is a dive bar. Now I’ve been there, I know what it means. A run down shack that is frequented by well-dressed customers who like …


Closed: Brimmer Beer Box in Omotesando, Tokyo

Brimmer Beer Box

Editor Note: Brimmer Beer Box has closed down. This review has been kept for posterity’s sake Brimmer Beer Box is located about five minutes away from Omotesando station, an upmarket part of Tokyo that scares me because I simply do not fit in there. Swathes of high-end fashion and jewellery stores mean me in my usual clothes of jeans and t-shirt either stick …

Craft Hands in Azabu-Juban, Tokyo

Craft Hands entrance

Craft Hands is located near Azabu Juban station in Tokyo. In all honesty, it’s probably the easiest bar to find so far. Turn left out of exit 7 of the Tokyo Metro station on the Oedo line, turn left again and Craft Hands is right in front of you. It is possible to walk it from Roppongi as well so you …


Nakameguro Taproom in Nakameguro, Tokyo

Nakameguro Taproom

Nakameguro Taproom One Paragraph Review Nakameguro Taproom is well worth visiting if you’re in the area, with good beer at reasonable prices and a decent atmosphere conducive to a fun night out drinking. Paired with pizza, Nakameguro Taproom is a viable alternative for other pizza places in Tokyo, as long as you can get over the amount of wood in the …


The Aldgate in Shibuya, Tokyo

Aldgate Inside

The Aldgate is a British themed pub, don’t groan at the back there!, located in Shibuya, about ten minutes from JR Shibuya station. You could probably get there quicker if the gaggles of snickering schoolgirls and the bustling throngs of fashionistas moved out of the way. Can’t they see I need a pint? The Aldgate is smack dab halfway up …