Sakura Mayflower IPA by Sakura Brewery

Sakura Mayflower IPA

Sakura Mayflower IPA is a 7% English IPA from Sakura Brewery, based in Iwate, Japan. It started out life as part of their draft range and found its way into bottles during 2016. And that’s it – there is no information on the Sakura Brewery homepage, nor could we find anything in Japanese about the beer either. The only thing …


Sakura Hayama Lager by Sakura Brewery 

Sakura Hayama Lager

Sakura Hayama Lager is a 5% pilsner from Sakura Brewery, based in Iwate, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round line up and can be bound in both bottles and on tap across Japan. To get around the happoshu beer licensing laws, Sakura Hayama contains 98% malts with adjuncts such as coriander being used to ensure that Sakura Hayama Lager comes in under …