Coedo Marihana by Coedo

Hitsuji Inside Beer 3 Coedo Marihana

Coedo MarihanaCoedo Marihana is a 4.5% session IPA from Coedo, based in Saitama, Japan. It first came on sale in 2014 as part of their Spring / Summer seasonal beer range but it’s been so popular in bars across Japan it seems that it’s now available all-year round. The name “marihana” doesn’t follow the usual standard for Coedo and colours, …

Kobushi Hana Strong IPA by Hanyu Brewery

Kobushi Hana Strong IPA

Kobushi Hana Strong IPA is a 7.5% English IPA from Hanyu Brewery, based in Saitama, Japan. It’s part of their draft only range and that’s about it for all we could out about this beer. Kobushi Hana Strong IPA Aroma and Taste I initially thought this was a mistake. Hanyu Brewery make the Kobushi Hana IPA and I found that to be …

Kobushi Hana Bohemian Style Golden Lager by Hanyu Brewery

Kobushi Hana Bohemian-Style Golden Lager

Kobushi Hana Bohemian Style Golden Lager is a 5% Czech style pilsner from Hanyu Brewery, based in Saitama. It’s part of the all-year round line up from Hanyu Brewery. Besides being advertised as the “most popular style of beer in Japan”, it can be found readily available in bottled from online and on occasion, on draft form as well. Kobushi Hana Bohemian …

Kobushi Hana Belgium White by Hanyu Brewery

Kobushi Hana Belgium White

Kobushi Hana Belgium White, by Hanyu Brewery (not Hangover Brewery, as my spell-checker is determined to keep correcting it to) is a 5% witbier that is sometimes also sold under the name of Kobushi Hana White Ale. It’s a top fermented style beer with an IBU of 18. To circumvent the Beer license law in Japan, Hanyu Brewery use orange and …

Romantic Village Kuro Beer by Romantic Village Beer

Romantic Village Kuro Beer

Romantic Village Kuro Beer, sometimes called Romantic Village Kuro (Black) Beer is a schwarzbier style beer from Romantic Village Beer, also known as Utsunomiya Craft Beer. Confusing or what? Just pick a name and have done with it. It’s a 5% summer seasonal that is supposedly best served with the Romantic Village Pilsner as a black and tan, or half and half …

Coedo Beniaka by Coedo Beer

Coedo Beniaka

Coedo Beniaka had a full on upheaval in terms of recipes in 2015 with it undergoing some major cosmetic changes both in the recipe and also on the bottle. It went from a lager yeast style production of being top fermented, to an ale yeast bottom fermented beer. If that wasn’t enough, some of the hops were changed around and …

Coedo Shikkoku by Coedo Brewery

Coedo Shikoku

Coedo Shikkoku is named after the island just south of Honshu…who am I trying to kid? Coedo Shikkoku is named after a Japanese hue, this time being the jet-black lacquer work that can be seen across Japan. It is also a schwarzbier brewed using a traditional German recipe. Coedo Shikkoku Aroma and Taste Coedo Shikkoku poured out darker than my deepest, …


Kobushi Hana IPA by Hanyu Brewery

Kobushi Hana IPA

Kobushi Hana IPA is an English style IPA out of Hanyu city in Saitama. Never heard of it before? Neither have we. We came across this beer purely by accident while on a recent trip to Coedo and it received a strong recommendation by the sales staff. The only description of Kobushi Hana IPA we have found is that it …

Coedo Shiro by Coedo Brewery

Coedo Shiro

Coedo Shiro is a hefeweizen style beer that is advertised as a premium all malt beer. It is also one of the hardest beers to find from the Coedo range as Coedo Shiro is unfiltered and stores are hesitant to sell it. In 2014, the bottle was redesigned and now advertises that it is a hefeweizen on the label. Coedo Shiro …

Interview with Asagiri-san from Coedo Brewery


A first for us here at BeerTengoku, a podcast. An interview with Asagiri-san, president of Coedo Brewery and beer evangelist. Asagiri-san was kind enough to sit down for an interview about the past, present, and future of Coedo Brewery. Pull up a chair, with a craft beer, and listen to what he had to say.