Naruko no Kaze Kougen Lager by Naruko no Kaze

Naruko no Kaze Lager

Naruko no Kaze Kougen Lager is a 5% pale lager from Naruko no Kaze, based in Miyagi, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range and while it can be found in bottles and also on tap across Japan though the latter may be harder than the former. Even though it’s brewed with malt, Naruko no Kaze Kougen Lager is listed as …

Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer by Ginban Shuzo

Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer

Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer is a 5% pale lager from Ginban Shuzo based in Toyama. It’s a 100% Japanese beer with it being brewed from domestic malt and domestic hops and that is all that is known about it. Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku Beer can be found on the Ginban Shuzo homepage though good luck in trying to find it. Ginban Kurobe Kyokoku …


Kyoto Bakushu Kura no Kaori by Kizakura Sake Brewing Company

Kyoto Bakushu Kura no Kaori

Kyoto Bakushu Kura no Kaori is a 4% pale lager from Kizakura Sake Brewing Company based in Kyoto, Kansai. This beer was one of the first beers from them back in 1995 and is part of their all-year round range of beers. Like Kyoto Bakushu Alt, Kyoto Bakushu Kura no Kaori is brewed using locally sourced underground water; however, they have used Seishi …

Baird Shuzenji Heritage Helles by Baird Beer

Baird Shuzenji Heritage Helles ベアード修善寺ヘリテッジヘレス

Baird Shuzenji Heritage Helles is a 5% helles lager based on the traditional Bavarian style of helles lager, also known as a pale lager in English. Helles lager, meaning bright, was originally designed to be separate from dunkel, meaning dark, from the same region. Shuzenji Heritage Helles is based on the principal of tying the past to the present and onwards …


Nide Lager by Baird Brewing

Nide lager

Nide Lager is a collaborative beer brewed by Baird Beer and sold under a separate company called Nide, which also owns the Good Beer Faucets chain of bars. Nide Lager used to be bottled by Baird Beer but is now only found on sale at Good Beer Faucets in Shibuya and also in Fukuoka. Nide Lager Aroma and Taste Nide Lager pours …