iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa in Futakotamagawa, Tokyo

iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa Front

iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa The Bottom Line If you’ve been to the Shibuya branch then don’t expect anything different from the Futakotamagawa branch of iBeer Le Sun Palm. It offers some cheap beera, especially when compared to Draft Craft, with prices that don’t include tax though. The atmosphere is a little busy with the footfall from the shopping malls …


The Lower Right in Daimon, Tokyo

The Lower Right Front

The Lower Right One Paragraph Review If you’re looking for cheap Japanese craft beers that are hard to find to complete your Untappd collection, then you would do well at The Lower Right. With the long happy hour beer prices and the large glasses, it’s a good place to do some afternoon drinking though the prices don’t include tax. Thankfully there …

Baird Beer Brewery Gardens Taproom in Shuzenji

Brewery Gardens Taproom View

On our recent trip to the Baird Beer Brewery, BeerTengoku was also lucky enough to sample some of the beers in the Brewery Gardens Taproom on the third floor. The Brewery Gardens Taproom is located above the brewery, giving you ample opportunity to observe the brewing process in action, try some of the Baird Beer range, and also take in some …