Chouzaemon Logo

It’s been a while since we’ve added some online shops. Not for want of trying but mainly because when you already have some very good online stores, it’s hard to move away but with Chouzaemon, then we’re happy to try something else. Chouzaemon specialises in selling sake and wine, but they also have an extensive online selection of domestic craft beers …

Closed: Beers x Beers

Beers x Beers Logo

Beers x Beers is an online store that sells Japanese craft beer but with two catches. The beers aren’t sold individually – rather they are sold in sets from the breweries. While this isn’t good for people looking for individuals beers from a brewery, it does give you the chance to try some beers that are not easy to hunt down …

Maruho Saketen in Nishi-ku, Osaka

Maruho Saketen

It’s becoming harder and harder to find online stores that have more than a few kinds of domestic craft beer in stock but Maruho Saketen, a shop that has its front on Raketen – I hear the groan among you – offers some variety. Maruho Saketen has a decent range of the main craft beer breweries in Japan, with 20 different …


Kameya Logo 1

It’s hard to find new online shops to buy beer, besides looking at breweries, but we keep trying and we found Kameya, an online retailer that uses the Rakuten store as one of their outlets for their shop. We came across it while doing a search from some Shiga Kogen limited edition beer and boom, this place had what we wanted …

Kishimoto Saketen

Kishimoto Saketen Logo

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated the online listings, what with having so many decent bottle shops a short train journey away, there has been little need to order online. However, we like Japanese craft beer from across Japan and after a search on Rakuten, I found myself ordering from Kishimoto Saketen, an online shop based in Niigata prefecture. Moreover, …


Yamaoka Saketen in Botanhoku-cho, Kyoto

Yamaoka Sake Shop 1

It’s not often that a small store manages to become notice nationwide, but Yamaoka Saketen deserves its reputation. Ever since I found out I was going to Kyoto on a business trip, Yamaoka Saketen was high up on the list of places I wanted to visit. Temples? Pfft. Castles? Meh. Geishas? Who. Kyoto may be a cultural centre of wonders but …


World Beer Market in Kita-Senju

World Beer Market

World Beer Market goes under the guise of various names online, such as Biama that is supposed to be a contraction of Beer Market and also Sake Taniguchi too. Rest assured, they are all the same shop and specialise in selling craft beer from around the world and that includes Japan. World Beer Market first started out as a shop in …

Craft Liquors

craft liquors

Craft Liquors is an online shop that sells Japanese craft beer more from the Kansai and Kyushu regions of Japan. They do sell some beers from other parts of Japan, but as Craft Liquors is based in Tokyo, most of their stock comes from near Tokyo. However, some of the smaller craft beer breweries such as Hideji Beer and Hiryoyuki … is an online shop that specialises in selling Japanese craft beers from across the country. There is a wide selection, with breweries from Hokkaido down to Miyazaki available, and also sets of different types of beer, such as weizen or IPA sets. In terms of ordering, offers up its goods from its own website, so no awkward Rakuten ordering. The …


Sakaya Okadaya Japanese Craft Beer Shop

Sakaya Okadaya

Sakaya Okadaya Japanese Craft Beer is an online store, based on Rakuten, that sells a variety of Japanese Craft Beer. Sakaya Okadaya leans towards the selling of Japanese craft beer sets rather than individual bottles; however, the sets tend to include individual bottles, rather than two of one type. In terms of ordering, Sakaya Okadaya Japanese Craft Beer uses the Rakuten …