Niigata Beer Information

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Niigata Beer is a small brewery located in Niigata city, Niigata and has an annual output of about 200,000L per year. It started out in 1997 soon after the government deregulated the beer industry and survived the craft beer crash soon after. Niigata Beer is well known for their diverse and unique line up, incorporating adjuncts that have not been …


Echigo Beer Information

Echigo Beer

Echigo Beer was the first microbrewery in Japan to form once the Japanese government had reduce the production capacity and licensing laws in 1993. Echigo Beer started a brewpub in 1995 and began selling their first beer, Ocean Beer, in October of the same year. Since then, Echigo Beer has grown in size and is now considered one of the …

Swan Lake Beer Information

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Swan Lake Beer is located in Sasaoka, Niigata about 45 minutes from the Japan sea and they have been brewing beers 1997. Swan Lake Beer also has two taprooms located in Tokyo; one near Tokyo station and one near Shibuya that both sell the majority of their beers. Swan Lake Beer can boast a proud heritage as they have won over 90 awards for …