Oh! La! Ho Captain Crow Thrash Lager by Oh! La! Ho Beer

Oh! La! Ho Captain Crow Thrash Lager

Oh! La! Ho Captain Crow Thrash Lager is a 4.5% India Pale Lager from Oh! La! Ho Beer, based in Nagano, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range of beers and was first released in 2017. It has nothing to do with Thrash Zone in Yokohama, rather it’s just another collaborative effort with Transporter Beer magazine. Oh! La! Ho Captain …


Coedo Kyara India Pale Lager by Coedo Brewery

Coedo kyara コエド伽羅

Coedo Kyara is a 5.5% India Pale Lager. Coedo recently changed the recipe of this beer- or rather, they moved the name to a different beer. The old Coedo Kyara bears zero resemblance to the current incarnation. Back when we started BeerTengoku, Coedo had a funny way of marketing their beers. They were all named after a colour, and every …

Futako Unane Pale Lager by Futako Beer

Futako Unane Pale Lager

Futako Unane Pale Lager is a 5.5% India Pale Lager from Futako Beer, based in Tokyo, Japan. As Futako Beer is a contact brewery, Futako Unane Pale Lager is brewed at Hitachino Nest in Ibaragi. The name stems from the Unane district of Futakotamagawa, just south-west of Shibuya, where Futako Beer is based out of. And that’s about all I could …