Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie by Kyoto Brewing Company

Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie

Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie, which roughly translates to “one moment, one time” or if you use Google Translate “Forrest Gump”. I think someone might be pulling our leg. Anyway, Kyoto Brewing Ichigo Ichie is a saison style beer from Kyoto Brewing Company and follows up from their Snow Monkey saison. It has an abv of 5.9% and as of writing is …

Thrashzone Envenom by Thrashzone Brew Labo

Thrashzone Envenom

Thrashzone Envenom is Thrashzone Brew Labo’s take on a barley wine. What’s so extreme about that, I hear you say. If not, please say it now for artistic effect. Well it has got an abv of 11.8% for starters – more than most barley wines in Japan, but the most extreme thing about it is that it’s released in summer …

Brimmer California Common by Brimmer Brewing

Brimmer California Common

It was at the newly opened Beer Animal that I had the chance to try Brimmer California Common, though which version it is I was unsure. Brimmer makes a Northern California Common and also a Traditional California Common too so I’m going to lump this one with that last option. It’s a 5% California common style beer – wait let me explain …

Shonan Lemongrass Hopper by Kumazawa Brewing

Sakura Taps Beer 2

If you’ve been following BeerTengoku on Facebook or Twitter (pssst we’ve even got Instagram but we’re not hip enough to know how to use it properly), then you would have known we’ve drunk Shonan Lemongrass Hopper twice; once at Sakura Taps Craft Beer and Coffee and also at Burger Mania in Ebisu. Shonan Lemongrass Hopper is, at the time of writing, a draught-only …


Thrashzone Hop Deicide by Thrashzone Brew Labo

Thrashzone Hop Deicide

Thrashzone Hop Deicide. The original. The beer that put Thrash Zone on the craft beer scene in Japan and perhaps the best known beer from the Thrashzone Brew Labo range. It’s an imperial IPA that has an abv upwards of 8.5% depending on the batch. It has got stronger over time with the original starting at 8.2% and the current …


Thrashzone Speed Kills IPA by Thrashzone Brew Labo

Thrashzone Speed Kills IPA

Thanks to a comment left by someone on the Thrashzone World Downfall Stout review, Thrashzone Speed Kills IPA is the next beer from Thrashzone Brew Labo to be reviewed. It’s one of the original beers first brewed and is a 7.6% IPA brewed using American Chinook hops and extends the “extreme beer only” motto even further. Thrashzone Speed Kills IPA is available all …