Johana Mugiya Ale by Johana Beer

Johana Mugiya Ale

Johana Mugiya Ale is a 5.5% American pale from Johana Beer, based in Toyama, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range of beers and can be found in bottles, as well as on tap, across Japan. Johana Mugiya Ale is brewed using locally sourced Koshihikari rice, deemed to be one of the best strains of Japonica rice and is also …


Johana Hikiyama Black 城端曳山ブラック

城端曳山ブラックは5.5%のブラックIPAです。城端麦酒のレギュラーラインアップを一部です。城端麦酒から「城端麦酒の新たな定番商品ブラックモルトの香ばしい香りとホップの苦みと香りがバランスよく味わえる1杯。「黒いのは苦手」と思っている方に是非飲んでもらいたいです。」 城端曳山ブラックの目鼻舌 目:真っ黒なボディーです。泡は真っ白ですけどすぐ消える。 鼻:ブラックモルト、チョコレート、コーヒー、甘草、レモン、グレープフルーツを嗅ぎます。 舌:苦いですけど飲みやすい。ボディーは変です。ポーターやIPAを混ぜってから味が色々です。コーヒー、甘草、レモン、グレープフルーツはバランスをしません。 オンライン販売 城端麦酒のオンラインショップ 酒森

Johana Kinu no Kahori by Johana Beer 

Johana Kinu no Kahori

Johana Kinu no Kahori, also known as Johana Kinu no Kaori, is a 6% witbier from Johana Beer, based in Toyama, Japan. It was supposedly pulled from their line up but seems to have come back into their bottled and draft lineup as part of their spring seasonal lineup. Johana Kinu no Kahori is brewed with two adjuncts: one not so unusual …

Johana Beer Information

Johana Beer Logo

Johana Beer is a Japanese craft beer brewery located in Nanto city, Toyama, Japan. The brewery opened in 2001, though under rather an auspicious background not in brewing, but in the steel manufacturing business. Chief brewer Yamamoto Masaru, along with his father, went for the happoshu license, which allows them to make smaller quantities of beer, though with the minor addition of …

Johana Kagayaki Wheat Seven by Johana Beer

Johana Kagayaki Wheat Seven

Johana Kagayaki Wheat Seven is an American IPA from Johana Beer that packs in the abv at 7% and also the IBU at around 70 units. It was originally brewed to celebrate the opening of the Shinkansen line through to Toyama. Johana Kagayaki Wheat Seven is also brewed using locally sourced wheat known as the number 10 brand, though I’m not …

Johana Masaji the Great! Ore no Aji by Johana Beer

Johana Masaji the Great! Ore no Aji by Johana Beer

Johana Masaji the Great! Ore no Aji is a beer brewed annually as part of the Masaji Beer Project, an annual celebration to the life of Masaji. The 2015 version is the second time that it has been brewed and Johana Masaji the Great! Ore no Aji is a 6% IPA beer. We tried to get it on tap once at Craft …

Hakama IPA by Johana Beer

Hakama IPA

Hakama IPA, also known as Johana IPA, is brewed on from an American IPA recipe by Johana Beer.  Besides that, not much else is known about this beer at the time of writing. There is a distinct lack of information on the brewery homepage about it, but it’s Japanese and it’s a craft beer, so drink it we must. Hakama IPA …