Baeren Chocolate Stout by Baeren

Baeren Chocolate Stout

Baeren Chocolate Stout is a sweet stout advertised annually around the end of the calendar year and is heavily promoted around Valentine’s Day. There seems to be a few variations around; one with the year in the name and others without the year. The year is used to indicate the vintage of Baeren Chocolate Stout so I’m guessing that this beer can …

Sankt Gallen Imperial Chocolate Stout by Sankt Gallen

Sankt Gallen Imperial Chocolate Stout

Sankt Gallen’s annual Valentine’s range includes the Sankt Gallen Imperial Chocolate Stout that weighs in at 9%. If you’re looking for a beer to get your date drunk on Valentine’s then Sankt Gallen Imperial Chocolate Stout is up your street. Alas, no chocolate is used during the brewing process, instead chocolate malt barley is one of the bases of the …

Enoshima Summer Beer by Kumazawa Brewing

Enoshima Summer Beer

Enoshima Summer Beer is another special edition beer from Kumazawa Brewing, better known as Shonan Beer. Even though it does say summer on the label, I picked this bottle up mid-November and was still within date. Enoshima Summer Beer is apparently a hefeweizen, or an unfiltered wheat beer, that has been jacked up on hops. It can also be found around Father’s Day in …

Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Dark Ale by Waku Waku Beer

Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Dark Ale

Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Dark Ale is a stout style beer from Waku Waku Beer, based in Kanazawa. It seems with the new shinkansen line that opened up in April 2015 to the Kanazawa region has coincided with a new range of beers being shipped across. Looks like the Japanese government knew what they were doing with the new train line. Kanazawa Hyakumangoku …

Tokyo Station 100 Year Golden Ale by Oh! La! Ho Beer

Tokyo Station 100 Year Golden Ale

Tokyo Station 100 Year Golden Ale is another beer to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Tokyo station, along with the lager (reviewed here). Tokyo Station 100 Year Golden Ale is brewed by Oh! La! Ho Beer; however, the only difference between the regular Tokyo Station beer and this one is the label.   Tokyo Station 100 Year Golden Ale Aroma and …


Niigata Edinburgh Premium Ale by Niigata Beer

Niigata Edinburgh Premium Ale

As I sat and drank Niigata Edinburgh Premium Ale, I wondered if last year’s vote for independence would have spurred on sales of this beer. The bottle design is dedicated to Edinburgh, with its castle and surrounding conurbation being the main point. But something bugged me about it. It’s sold as an English pale ale. What’s that about? Now, I’m not Scottish …


Baird Saison Sayuri ベアードセゾンさゆり

ベアードセゾンさゆりは6%のセゾンです。ベアードビールは春のラインアップを一部です。ベアードビールからモルト用にフロアモルテッドピルス、ウィート、ライそして酵母用にハウスベルギーウィット酵母を酒造する。 ベアードセゾンさゆりの目鼻舌 目:曇ったのオレンジ色です。大きい真っ白な泡がある。ビンで二次発酵をするから茶色の酵母がある。気をつけて! 鼻:青嶋産のオレンジを使うからオレンジぽいです!スパイシーなモルトの香りもある。 舌:セゾンはモルトフォワードじゃないですけどベアードセゾンさゆりはそうでもない。モルト、シトルス、レモンの味は混ぜてからいいバランスと思う。 オンライン販売 ベアードビールのオンラインショップ 楽天・ヤフー

Sankt Gallen Kokutou Sweet Stout by Sankt Gallen

sankt gallen kokutou sweet stout

Sugar and spice and all things nice. If Sankt Gallen Kokutou Sweet Stout were a nursery rhyme then it would be that one. There aren’t any puppy dove’s tails nor snails in it. What it is though is a sweet stout brewed using brown sugar harvested from Okinawa. Moreover, Sankt Gallen Kokutou Sweet Stout is also an award-winning beer, having …

Kamakura Lokosuka by Kamakura Beer

Kamakura Beer Lokosuka

272Kamakura Lokosuka is the third beer in the Kamakura local beer series after Kamakura Hayama and Kamakura Enoshima. The name is a portmanteau of local and Yokosuka, a city about 45 mins south of Tokyo and known for its curry and local naval bases. Like the other two beers, Kamakura Lokosuka is suited to the local food in Yokosuka: curry. It is …

Niigata Black by Niigata Beer

Niigata Black

Niigata Black is an English style sout out of snow country, aka Niigata, and is brewed by Niigata Beer. It is also 100% bottle conditioned so there can be sediment or stuff at the bottom if you are worried about that. Niigata Black is brewed from malt imported from New Zealand and weighs in at 4.5%. Niigata Black Aroma and Taste Niigata …