Craft Beer Izuya in Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo

Craft Beer Izuya Front

Urgh, sometimes I hate trying to find new places, and never more so than when it’s heavily raining in rainy season and the store has no discernable front it. I had some time to kill before meeting a friend at Transit, about a five-minute walk in the direction of the station and this place came up first on Google when …

Bon Kura in Ninomiya, Kanagawa

Bon Kura Sign

Bon Kura is a family-run liquor store in Ninomiya, west Kanagawa. They’ve been in the area for almost two decades and have been in the alcohol business for half a century. Situated along the main road from Ninomiya to Hadano, Bon Kura’s small building and traditional-style storefront make it easily noticeable. The store is mainly sake-focused, but they stock a …


Deguchiya in Nakameguro, Tokyo

Deguchiya Front

It’s not often I leave the bottle shops of Le Collier and Liquors Hasegawa behind for different climes, but I had heard good things about Deguchiya in Naka-Meguro. It’s located a ten-minute walk from Naka-Meguro station, perhaps in the wrong direction as it goes away from the Baird Naka-Meguro Taproom and Hatos Bar too, so you’re going a long way to …

Sagamiya Liquor Store in Kamakura

While wandering Komachi-dori trying to find craft beer bars in Kamakura, we came across Sagamiya Bottle Shop about two-thirds of the way up the street. It was getting late and Joe and myself were getting thirsty – walking is hard work, you know – and we stopped in to pick up some beer. Sagamiya stocks nihonshu / sake as well …

Liquors Hasegawa in Yaesu, Tokyo.

Liquors Hasegawa Logo

Liquors Hasegawa is a shop that I’ve heard of in the past though been hesitant to visit as the Yaesu exit at Tokyo station scares me. I’m scared I’m going to get lost and never be found again, left to wander around the underground mall without seeing daylight. My skin turning pale from the lack of vitamins, I curl up …


Isetan Department Store Kyoto in Kyoto Station, Kyoto

Isetan Department Store Kyoto

After a long slog around Kyoto station trying to find souvenirs besides yatsuhage, dolls, handkerchiefs, or the other usual knickknacks and paraphernalia usually associated with Kyoto, I stumble across this shop in Isetan Department Store Kyoto on B1F. Isetan department store is well known across Japan, with branches in Niigata, Shinjuku, and this Kyoto branch among others; however, I don’t …


Yamaoka Saketen in Botanhoku-cho, Kyoto

Yamaoka Sake Shop 1

It’s not often that a small store manages to become notice nationwide, but Yamaoka Saketen deserves its reputation. Ever since I found out I was going to Kyoto on a business trip, Yamaoka Saketen was high up on the list of places I wanted to visit. Temples? Pfft. Castles? Meh. Geishas? Who. Kyoto may be a cultural centre of wonders but …


World Gourmet in Yokohama

world gourmet yokohama

Gourmet. Take a minute to think about that word. What does it mean to you? Fine food? Delicious drink? An outlet to those who enjoy the finer things in life that naturally come at a premium price. What if I were to tell you the best things in life aren’t free? Nor do they have to be expensive either. Stumbling across …


Nomono in Akihabara, Tokyo

Nomono Akihabara

Nomono is a purveyor of Japanese craft beer from the eastern climes of Japan; in particular, the Tohoku and Chubu regions of Japan. It was discovered purely by accident after a recent trip to Le Collier in Tokyo station. Trying to find beers from outside of Kanto can be difficult at times; however, the kind staff at Le Collier told …


World Beer Market in Kita-Senju

World Beer Market

World Beer Market goes under the guise of various names online, such as Biama that is supposed to be a contraction of Beer Market and also Sake Taniguchi too. Rest assured, they are all the same shop and specialise in selling craft beer from around the world and that includes Japan. World Beer Market first started out as a shop in …