Brimmer Brewing Interview

Brimmer Beer Interview Scott

BeerTengoku spent a brisk November morning getting under the feet of the busy folks at Brimmer Brewing out in Kuji, Kawasaki City. Kuji is not exactly a bucolic paradise. Served by a single tiny station, the primary industry appears to be mainly garbage-centric. As we walked along the trickle of a river towards Brimmer Brewing on this chilly morning, we …


Interview with Mark Major, Outsider Brewing

Outsider Brewing Mark and Niwa-san

If Niwa-san is the brains of Outsider Brewing, then Mark is the brawn of it. A strange analogy to use but without either of the pair, Outsider Brewing would not exist in its current form. When BeerTengoku went to meet them, we first met Niwa-san, interview here, and Mark walked in confidently about twenty minutes later, sharing jokes with Niwa-san and injecting …

Interview with Niwa-san from Outsider Brewing

Interview with Niwa-san 1

For those knowledgeable about the Japanese craft beer scene, Niwa-san from Outsider Brewing could be revered with a quasi-deity like status among brewers in Japan. For those new to the scene or without much interest, you may have already tried some of his beers without realizing, with Iwate Kura being a good showcase to start from. Niwa-san was modest to …

Bay Brewing Yokohama Interview

Bay Brewing Yokohama Brewmaster, Shinya Suzuki.

It seems that every couple of months, a new brewery opens up in Japan riding the coat tails of the craft beer revolution. Yet Bay Brewing Yokohama was one of the first brewpubs to have come through the process with a reputation for great beer. That reputation came about because of Shinya Suzuki, the brew master of Bay Brewing Yokohama. …

An Interview with Kiuchi Brewery

Kiuchi Brewery

After the tour of both the sake distillery and the Hitachino Nest brewery, BeerTengoku sat down with Haruna Katsuyama and Toshiyuki Kiuchi for a quick interview. Once we had finally decided on what beer to drink (which is no easy task at Kiuchi), the questions and answers flowed thick and fast. With so much history and information behind the Kiuchi …

Baird Beer: Interviews with Bryan Baird and Chris Poel

Baird Beer Shuzneji

After the tour of the brand-spanking-new Shuzenji brewery, BeerTengoku headed back up to the taproom for a chinwag with Baird Beer’s head brewer, Chris Poel. We got ourselves a beer (took a while to decide – did you see all those taps!?), and sat in the outdoor deck area. The drizzle was unabating, but the view was impressive, surrounded by …


Campion Ale Brewpub in Asakusa

Campion Ale Shop

Introduction To Campion Ale Campion Ale, located three minutes from Tawaramachi on the Ginza line, one stop before Asakusa, is an example of a new breed of brewpubs opening up across Tokyo. These brewpubs make and serve their own beer on the premises, allowing thirsty drinkers to see the whole process of milling the malt through brewing and fermentation, right …