Tsukuba Craft Beer Festival 2018

Tsukuba Craft Beer Fest つくばクラフトビアフェスト2018

Tsukuba Craft Beer Fest 2017 LogoTsukuba Craft Beer Fest 2018 is a two day craft beer event in Tsukuba, Ibaraki and it’s held from 14th July to 15th July. It’s also been ranked number 10 in the “Beer Event I Want To Go To” according to NIKKEI STYLE (if that actually means something). The event is held at Tsukuba Center Plaza, less than a couple of minutes from Tsukuba station itself.

The event is a pay-as-you-go, our favourite kind, so there is no entry fee. Tsukuba Center Plaza is open on Saturday 14th July from 11:00 to 22:00 (L.O 21:00), Sunday 15th July from 11:00 to 19:00 (L.O 18:00). However, even though the event is free, at the time of writing, the prices of the beers have not been released so expect each stall to be setting their own prices.

Breweries Attending Tsukuba Craft Beer Festival 2018

Not yet released

Tsukuba Craft Beer Fest 2018 Details

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.tsukuba-craftbeerfest.com/

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Tsukuba Craft Beer Fest 2018

The closest station to Tsukuba Craft Beer Fest 2018 is Tsukuba station on the Tsukuba Express line from Akihabara Station in Tokyo.

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